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Virginia High School Graduation Rates on the Rise

Rebecca Lowry

Before her four-year term as the superintendent of Westmoreland County Public Schools in Virginia, Rebecca Lowry earned an Educator of the Year Award from the Cleveland Rotary Club. In this role, she served as a chief academic officer, during which time she managed educational programs impacting more than 50,000 students. As the superintendent of Westmoreland County Public Schools, Rebecca Lowry implemented policies that helped the district make progress on their strategic priorities, which included raising the level of student achievement.

The Virginia Department of Education released the latest statistics for graduation rates for high-school seniors in public schools across the state. Overall, rates for on-time graduation have increased slightly from 91.1 percent to 91.6 percent.
Students from economically-disadvantaged backgrounds graduated in four years at a lower rate of just under 88 percent, which is still higher than the most recent national graduation rate of 84 percent. Virginia seniors also outperformed their peers on the SATs, a test that is used as an indication of college readiness.
The stellar performance of Virginia public high schools is attributed to the Virginia Board of Education's policies targeting truancy and student retention, as well as the perseverance of teachers, administrators, and other school staff.

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