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The 2019 AASA National Conference on Education to Highlight Leadership

Rebecca Lowry, Superintendent

A former school superintendent and a current school psychologist, Rebecca Lowry developed academic programs designed to maximize student growth and serve the needs of students with special needs. Rebecca Lowry is a member of the American Association of School Superintendents (AASA).

AASA will host its next National Conference on Education early next year. The conference will provide school superintendents and administrators with a platform for advancing their education and connecting with colleagues.
Attended by more than 3,000 superintendents, the event will deliver a comprehensive learning environment for attendees to form connections that will give them support for actions and ideas. Featured guests and speakers will include school system leaders who will share insights on invigorating school districts.
The theme of the conference will be “Effective Leadership Creates Success.” The AASA 2019 National Conference on Education will take place February 14-16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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