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Test Accommodations for Students with Dyslexia

Rebecca Lowry

During Rebecca Lowry’s term as the superintendent of Westmoreland County Public Schools, she leveraged her background in school psychology to make decisions that benefited all of the district’s students. After stepping down as superintendent in 2015, Rebecca Lowry joined Cumberland Therapy Services, an organization that focuses on student intervention programs. Cumberland Therapy Services works with clinicians and therapists who specialize in learning disabilities, including dyslexia.

Many students diagnosed with dyslexia have an individual evaluation plan that outlines the test accommodations that can enable them to achieve scores that reflect their knowledge and potential. For example, many students with dyslexia have difficulty writing information by hand and are prone to spelling and grammatical errors. In these cases, students may work with a scribe or use speech-to-text technology to facilitate their writing. Educators could also grade their answers according to the content rather than spelling and grammatical conventions.
Processing multistep instructions may also be challenging for students with dyslexia. These students may need extra time to review test directions, read longer texts, and recall previously covered information. Alternatively, teachers can create visual aids that use graphics to convey information.

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