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How Students End up Disadvantaged

Rebecca Lowry, Superintendent

An alumna of Radford University with an MS in school psychology, Rebecca Lowry, PhD, has operated in various superintendent capacities, including as the superintendent of Westmoreland County Public Schools in Montross, Virginia. As such, Dr. Rebecca Lowry assisted in designing academic programs for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Students end up disadvantaged for several reasons. Their socioeconomic backgrounds play a significant role in shaping their cognition and behavior. Here are some circumstances that may apply to students from disadvantaged backgrounds:
- Parents from lower socioeconomic strata tend to pay less attention to the school activities of their children. They also tend to leave their children with fewer choices for their daily interactions, resulting in, among other things, poorer academic performance.
- Single parents may be prone to lower-paying jobs. As a result, their children are more likely to have lower test scores and/or to drop out. Children raised by a single parent are also subject to emotional and behavioral struggles.
- Irregular schedules of working parents affect their children’s school performance. These unpredictable schedules establish irregular home routines and prevent children from getting into high-quality care centers.

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